My little Nurse

Vyktorya aka kiki is my daughter and it has been hard for her to see mom and dad sick but she always keeps it positive

Its amazing how kiki is so aware of what is going on sometimes she seems as if she was 22 years old instead of 6 but she is great and helpful in this tough time for her. but she did her best to be her and take care of us.

Mommy and daddy love you thank you


Thank you Mom

My thank you for coming to spend time with us and help us. this last month it was great to be with you and have you around. I enjoyed just spending the day talking about old times and seeing you enjoy time with vyktorya and us.


i know that all the white hairs on your head are because of me! I have always been the one to fight with you and give you hard times and you have always been there for me. I just want you to know I Love You and i will take care of you like i have always said so just move to Sabah already, I just want you to know that im very great full to have you because you have always fought for us and it shows you love us i know at time you don't agrree with me but i just want to climb to the top of the mountain and i will always fight to get therei learned it from you.

It was sad to see you go nut i know we will see you again we all miss you and love you. this was a great time we had together let make sure we do it again

We Love and Miss you

Pills Pills go pop pop

i have to take amany pills every day to be excact 28 a day some for anti rejection some for high bllod pressure and some to help with the side effect of the other pills some make me hungry some don’t like for me to sleep but i have gotten acustom to this know and its all worth it just to be with the people i love and to enjoy life again with out dialysis.

3 liters of water and Counting

So after you get a transplant you have to drink a lot of water. to make sure that your system is cleaning out correctly when i was on dialysis i would urinate about 200 ml a day. Now i have to urinate min 100 ml per hour if not they give you a shot to make you go to bathroom

before i was released the nurse gave me a stack of papers where i have to fill out 24 hours a day. starting from 7am i have to weigh my self, take ny blood pressure and document every time i drink something or go to the bathroom. So yes i walk around with a book bag with water, cup and a paper and pencil to document all of this, what ever it takes to get better.

so i got a system after a couple of day because i got tired of using public bathrooms and measuring my urine where i count and every 10 seconds is about 100ml.and i just drink water. from a bottle where i can have the measurement.

but i tell you the more you drink the better you feel and the more you go to the bathroom. oh yeah i also wake up like ten times at night to use the bathroom but as time has gone by and i have spoken with other transplant patients i have learned other tricks so i drink more water in the day and less at night i’m up to waking up 2 to 3 times a night and i can rest more.

but at the end of the day i can use the toilet like normal so little by little things are getting back to normal it just takes time and patience to move forward.

so ii guess its good when you have to urinate so much so be happy some of us can use the bathroom because if not it all stays inside and creates toxins and they make you feel horrible.

Day 3 and 4 after Operation

Today i woke Up in Icu and was determined to get up and walk my wife was up stairs and weak and i was alone, every time some one came to see me i would ask them to check on my wife for me it was more important. SO I WAS DETERMIND TO GET OUT OF ICU AS FAST AS POSSIBLE.

When i put my foot on the floor wow was it painful and a very weird feeling the cut was very sensitive. but i just told the nurse it okay i feel good i walked in the hall way of icu and saw the other patients i was way better off that made me fight even more. so i walked for maybe 2 minutes and then sat down it was very painful but i need to keep pushing so that day i got up and walked many times. i even calculated around the ties the doctor came bye from the previous days and was walking around when he would come down,

so he caught me walking and was like wow you fee great i was like yes i can go already so he laughed and said well we ill see tomorrow. boy was i happy all the pain was worth it i had the great idea i could g up stairs to be with my wife and family and friends that came to visit. so maybe 2 hours later my wife cam down to visit in a wheel chair she still was weak and in pain. so i told her i would be up tomorrow not to worry.

that night i prayed to every god i knew that to give me the strength to get better fast i need to be with my family show them i was strong and could be there for them.

Day 4

so the next day i woke up and was like today i go up. it was a little to early but as soon as the nurse came in i said lets walk. i was a little worried because i had blood in my urine but later i found out it was normal because i was walking hoo what a relieve so i calculated to walk again around 9am when the doctor would come by. so he caught me walking and said wow strong guy you can go up stairs today. Yes yea thank you so after that i did not walk any more and waited. what a great feeling!

after i arrived upstairs bout 2 hours later i got up and asked my wife to walk with me she was like your crazy i was like come on its a mini date well she got up and walked for about 3 minutes before she started throwing up so i went back to bed and let her rest but if felt great i was with her and we where fighting together i could not let her be alone after all she did for me.

Why do I love Sabah so Much?

Well how do i start. When i wake up in the morning their is a mountain to look at, when i drive to work i see the beach. the vegetables, fruits, fish, chicken, and spices are all grown here in less than 2 hours away from the city, it has great jungles and wildlife.the place is awesome there is many native people and they have many things to teach us about their cultures and food lifestyles.

But the people are the best when you get to know them. see many people who are not from Borneo miss understand the locals but they are great people, See the other day i read something that went bam in my head it said when we go to other countries as westerners or outsiders we always compare there lives to ours but we should take time to understand them and see life thru there eyes. See i have learned many things from them we eat together like family and sometimes with our hands in the custom way they eat. They have excepted my family like there’s and have cried, laughed, shouted, and shown authentic feelings of love and family bounding. i have lived and worked with many people in this great planet but the way that the locals in Kota Kinabalu have made me and my family feel welcome there is no words to express this feeling. I have even brought a friend that worked with me in South America and they have taken him under there wing and shown him to speak english and Malay these are real people with hearts, i can say that this kind of hospitality is not found in all places if you look for it in a western way, but to accept them for who they are is a better approach.

Last night my staff sent me a care package email to comfort us in this time. I have never received the love and comfort from anybody like this. my staff keep in touch with me everyday, they even have people translate letter so i can understand them.We also have friends that have come to visit us in KL to check on us. Maria our spanish friend sent her Mom for 10 days to watch over my wife that is great you don’t get that everywhere. we even have friends call everyday and tell us Sabah is praying for us send us text messages that there thinking about us.

Even my customers call me and Doctor Ravi from Brunei came to the hospital twice to visit me, my bosses call and ask how I’m doing so the question is why would i want to leave Sabah if I’m always around great people. Sabah is the best of course sometimes you have people who are not the best but hay thats every where.

So thank you to all my Sabah friends and my bella family. I love leaving with all of you and really feel at home in kk and thank you Jolivia for translating for the staff. Hahaha

Day 2 January 5th

I was woken up by a sponge bath and i was rolled over and that hurt my body was soar and felt differnt then the night before. I got to see my wife thru the window and then about 2 hours later they moved her to ward. So i did not see her for the rest of the day. But i heard she was in pain and had a lot of gasses. But she was with alot of support up stairs because one of her best friends from Sri Lanka came to help her out and our good friend from Sabah maria sent her Mom to help and my mom was there so it was great to see so many people help my wife thanks guys for all the support.

I recieved another blood transfusion today and i tried to walk but they did not let me. My bosse came to see me and iwas great to see them support me. also some friends from brunei and penang came bye so it was great. I watched TV and just kept thinking positive to get out of ICU. I wanted to support my wife i heard she was very week but she was put to walk today so she is moving along.

The doctor told me that i asked alot about my wife and that most patients don’t ask about the donor I WAS Shocked!

The 2 doctors that did thhis procedure on me where great they gave me alot of info and answered all my questions

A/Professor Mohan Rao BSc, MS, MCh, FACS, FRACS The first trainee in renal transplantation surgery at Queen Elizabeth Hospital (1968 to 1971) trained by Mr Peter Knight who started the transplant program in Adelaide. Mohan performed his first kidney transplant in India and played a key role in establishing renal transplantation now widely available across India, receiving a ‘Life Time Achievement Award’ from the Indian Society of Organ Transplantation 1997.

After rejoining QEH transplant team in 1976 the live donor program commenced at the QEH which now achieves eventy to ninety donor transplants performed annually, with one third from live donors. As an experienced innovative surgeon he provided ‘in-house’ service, keeping graft loss from surgical complications minimal. Mohan provides services to Women and Children’s Hospital and most paediatric transplants.

Mohan’s innovative procedures reducde post-operative morbidity, with faster recovery. His most significant contribution was the development of keyhole surgery to remove kidneys, first performed in 1997 at the QEH (14 months after first USA procedure). It has significantly reduced length of stay after surgery with some patients home within 24 hours. Mohan also helped teams throughout Australia, India, Malaysia and China by leading workshops, lecturing etc and trained surgeons here and globally.

My Kidney doctor he is great awesome

Datuk Dr. Tan Si Yen

Consultant Nephrologist & Internal Medicine

Speciality Nephrology

Location Urology, Nephrology & Men’s Health Level 2

Nationality Malaysian

Languages spoken English

Certified in –

Datuk Dr. Si Yen´s

Internal Medicine
Special Interests

Positions held in PCMC
Not specified

Medical School
MRChB (Edinburgh)
Not specified
Post Graduate Clinical Training
FRCP (Edinburgh), MD (Edinburgh), FASN ( USA), FAMM (Malaysia)

Academy of Medicine Malaysia
Malaysian Society of Transplantation
Malaysian Society of Nephrology
American Society of Nephrology
International Society of Nephrology
European Dialysis and Transplantation Association
Renal Association UK
Medical Research Society UK

Panglima Setia DiRaja (PSD) by the King of Malaysia in June 2010.
First Malaysian to be awarded Fellowship of the American Society of Nephrology in 2006.
Fellow of the Royal College of Physician in 2006.
Fullbright Scholarships and Visiting Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School in 2002.
Professor of Medicine in 2001 awarded by University Malaya Medical Centre.
Baxter Asia Young Investigator’s Award 1998.
Tun Abdul Razak Award from The Academy of Medicine in 1997.
International Society of Nephrology Travelling Fellowship in 1995.